Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photo challenge!

I got challenged by Linda. The challenge is:
Ta ut den 6. mappen i bildene dine på data`n din og deretter det 6. bildet i denne mappen.Sett bildet i bloggen din og skriv noe om dette bildet.Inviter 6 nye til å bli med på denne utfordringen.Link til dem, og la dem vite at de er utfordret.

In English: Take out your 6th folder in your photo folder on your computer. Then chose the 6th photo in that folder. Put the photo on your blog and tell something about the photo. Invite 6 new others to take the challenge.

Since I have a hard time finding enough people who didn't get this challenge already, I think I will just put the photo I find here... Thanks Linda, for the challenge!

The photo is of my cousin and his wife. It's probably not a very good photo, though. They got married in Oslo last August, and it was a very nice ceremony and celebration! :)

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