Sunday, February 8, 2009

{Mothers Day and playing in the snow!}

Today I slept long, until 10.30 p.m. Then my husband had to sleep some more, since he was out with the boys yesterday. ;)

My son and I took the toboggan to the park nearby, where we met Linda and her family. My son had a lot of fun in the snow, and was really a though kid, he went along with the toboggan all by himself down the hill.

Here's a photo of him, not very interested in mommy taking photos when he was busy playing!

Afterwards Linda and her family went along with us back home, and we had hot chocolate and talked and the kids had really fun togheter!
I've made a layout and some cards yesterday, but didn't get the time to take any photos of it today. Will try tomorrow.

Tomorrow Linda and I will attend a cardmaking class at Steffens! Really looking forward to that. And I will finally (after more than a week of beeing sick) do some work out tomorrow (at work). Will attend an aerobic class tomorrow. Looking forward to that, too.
Have a nice upcoming week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by my blog, really appreciate it. :)

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Linda said...

takk for i går vennen :klem:
va så koselig :)
håper vi ikke ble for lenge :klem: