Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photos from Bristol!

Finally I got time to upload and scale the images. Here's the photos from my trip to Bristol. :)

By the Bristol river (this boat was actually a restaurant we were thinking of visiting):

This was a really, really old building. It's actually tilted, but you can't see that on the photo:

This big round "thing" was outside the tourist information. I'm not sure what it was (for):

Me infront of Stonehenge... The weather was foggy, when we got there about 10 a.m.

The sun is shining!:

A small town (don't remember the name). Really old buildings that nobody had done anything with since the 18th century... The photo here shows where they filmed a scene from the movie Dr. Doolittle:

The famous bridge in Bristol:


Anne Bente said...

ejjj så flotte billeder, det er altid dejligt at ha,man glemmer hurtig, men billeder består.

ninabakke said...

Så flotte bilder :)