Monday, October 13, 2008

{Back from Bristol ++}

I'm back home from my weekend with the girls. It was awesome! :-D Had such a good time. Really enjoyed myself all the time.

Earlier this morning I tried to get hold of tickets to the AC/DC gig in February 2009... What a bummer! The internet web site didn't manage all the traffic, and the phone didn't function eighter... So, tickets were sold out by 11.30 am... And I didn't get any. Quite angry... Would have loved to see 'em live again. First time I saw them in concert was in 1991/1992, and it was the most stunning gig ever! The show, the music everything. But AC/DC is my favorite all time band. Even bigger than Metallica he-he.

Well. I'll try to upload photos from the trip to Bristol later, and share them with you. I'll be home today. Just trying to do some scrapbooking before picking up my sweet boy who's in kindergarden now.

As you can see, I've changed the blog appearance. I think I try make a new header as well. Later.

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