Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cricut machine!!!

Yes, yes, yes! Look what I picked up at my Post Office today! :-D I'm the owner of a new diecut machine, called Cricut Expression. Looking forward to trying it out later this evening. It's supposed to be a Christmas present from my husband. Thank you, my darling. :)
I've ordered it from the US, and had to pay som customs (but it's much cheaper than buying it here anyway). Also bought an extra cartridge. Have to find a link for that later.


Vibeke said...

Wow - grattis!!:)

Selvfølgelig kan du lage en slik bok du også:)

Karina said...

Tillykke. Sådan en ønsker jeg mig også ; ) : ) Ser frem til, hvad du finder på at lave med den.
God weekend.