Sunday, October 19, 2008

{Melissa Frances class and some shopping!}

Yesterday, I went with Linda to Bikuben and attended a class by Carolyn Peeler from Melissa Frances. She was so nice, and really talented. You have to check out her blog here.

Anyway, we made a little card box, called Sincerely Yours, I have not had the time to take a photo yet, but will try tomorrow. Inside, there is space for cards, to eighter keep or give away. I think I will keep this one. But I did buy another box, that I will decorate with some pattern paper, and put into some cards and give away for a Christmas present this year.

Shopping... I did promise myself not to shop anything more this month... But, I got some unexpected money, so it's okay isn't it? I knew I was going to get some money back from too much paid tax on income, so when I received the letter from the tax office I was happily surprised. I got more than I expected.
I forgot to take a photo, but I will try to gather the things together and take a photo tomorrow.

Good night to you all! :)

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