Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost there!....

... supposed to be in Spain now, but unfortunately we're not! Sterling (airlines) messed things up, well that's what I think! They did'nt change gate, the lady told, me, but still, the gate closed, the plane took off without us! Do you believe us, I said. We sat there all the time, waiting for boarding. And the luggage, well it's all in Spain!

Thank God, she gave me new tickets for this afternoon flight, no charge! I think that's the least she would do for us. I was totally devastated when I looked at the list and it said: "gate closed". I still don't understand how everyone else got to the airplane. Because the gate was the same all the time.

So hopefully we'll get there tonight. One day late, and one day less in the sun. But shit! I am happy I'm going anywere.

The good thing, is that I got the chance to try my Bind-It-All Machine last evening. Fun! Think I'll make some new projects with it when I return from my vacation. After a couple mistakes, I found out how to use it - and it's sooo easy. I think it's the best machine ever, almost, 'cause my Cuttlebug is the best!!

This is from the bustrip to the airport yesterday. Eating a big green apple. One of his favorites these days! He's so cute eating apples!

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Vibeke said...

Så god!!!!! :)
Kjipt når det blir tull med fly.

Kose dere masse nå !!
Har tagget deg - sjekk bloggen min:)