Monday, May 12, 2008


Yes, working today. Acutally today is not a ordinary workingday in Norway, but I'm still putting in some hours. I've planned an extra holiday for myself and my son in June, so I need some hours extra for my holiday.

It's not that easy to gain these extra hours during the normal weekdays, because I'm normally the person picking up my son in daycare.

Won't stay here for many hours though, will leave here by 2. pm.

Hope you enjoy your extra holiday. I will, very soon.

I made a new page yesterday. Will post it here later today.

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~Nancy~ said...

So sorry you had to work today! Just like in Norway we had a Holiday today too.. so no working for us.. just enjoying the beautiful weather.. I hope the weather is the same in Norway and that you were able to enjoy your day a little bit too!! XOXO