Thursday, May 1, 2008

New page!

I know this picture is really bad. Sorry about that! It's a little blurry. But my husband took the camera with him on his trip to his parents, so I only have a cellphone camera. The layout is nicer than the picture of it says.
The pictures are from my wedding, I was 7 months pregnant (hi-hi). I've made another layout today, but it's for a contest so I won't be able to publish it until later this weekend.


cathrineangelica said...

for en koselig Lo!
og tøft oppsett a gitt :nikke:

Vibeke said...

Stilig LO:):)
Synes det var kult å ha bildene i den fasongen :)

Anne Bente said...

åhhhh hvor er det flot, utrolig flot opsæt :)