Saturday, May 3, 2008

A beautiful day!

Hope you all are having a nice day, today! I've been doing some shopping today. Went downtown, and bought some new sneakers (they're black, think it's my favorite shoe color). I also bought some black trousers and a top for the Norwegian National Day which is May 17th. I also bought some towels for the bathroom and some things I think I can use for scrapbooking. *hi-hi*

Not long until my friend will drive by and take me to the housewarming party I'm attending tonight. The weather is still good, hope we can enjoy some sun outside on my friends veranda.

I've made some layouts, and a card also, but because of the really bad cellphone camera, I'm not going to put it out here, until I get nice pictures. That will be tomorrow night, when my husbands back with the camera.

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Vibeke said...

Håper du har hatt en flott helg så langt :)