Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A sparkling start on the day!

I think the photo shoot today was very nice! Peder was smiling a lot, and I think our photographer took a lot of nice pictures. We will look at the result next Wednesday. I think both she and Peder were more satisfied with todays session, because he said goodbye, gave her a hug and a kiss. She said that in some years he would probably break some girls heart ;).

I took a after-dinner nap today, was so tired. Don't know why, really.

A friend of my husband just left, he came by with the 3 Indiana Jones movies. The firth movie is going to be on the cinema tomorrow, he wanted us to see all 3 now. I think I have seen one of them, my husband has of course seen them all.

I'm going to do Nancy's little workshop now. :)

This photo was from last times photo shoot at the photograph.

He's smiling, didn't do that very much last time, but he's eating grapes! :)

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