Friday, March 13, 2009

{Vacation in Vietnam?}

This photo of my son was taken in Vietnam, outside Nha Trang (south of Vietnam) February 2008... We went with boat out to a totally desertet island, with only a small family living there. A 'private beach' and eating sea food in the families back yard... Peders dad took this lovely photo when our son sat down on the stairs...

It was a lovely vacation, with a lot of sun, lovely food and very happy days with our friends there.

Yesterday we got an invitation from our Vietnamese friends - they live in Oslo - to go with them and spend some weeks this summer in Vietnam.

They are going there to celebrate a family members 70th birthday. And they asked us to join them. So, if we get the time off at work, and some other things turns out right, maybe we'll go!!!

And I remember last year, I thought there would be at least 2 years 'till we would go....

Oh... I'm looking forward to sun and summer - and maybe in Vietnam with our friends! :)

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Connie said...

Kjempe herlig foto, og så stemningsfullt!! Høres ut som en herlig ferie!

Tusen takk for kommentar i bloggen min, og for at du ble med på kurset mitt :) Dere var en fantastisk gjeng som ga meg så utrolig mye inspirasjon!!

Og fy søren så flotte lo'er du lager - gjett om jeg skal følge med i bloggen din da!! Og kortene du har laget er jo fantastiske!! Lykke til med Hellmuth-malingen!! Du kommer ikke til å bli skuffet over den!

God helg, og så sees vi kanskje på Steffens snart :)