Monday, March 23, 2009

{Shopping photos - Scraporama 2009}

Finally, some shopping *LOL*. Well, I'm good at shopping anytime! This is the photos from the weekends big happening - Scraporama 2009 - outside Oslo! I went there with friends, and shopped for about 2800 NOK!!! My dear husband gave that money for me to spend.
3ndy papir (Norwegian producer - really lovely):

At Steffens I bought this. I also bought 3 Promarker pens, but they are not in the photo:

Shorty 'n friends (stamp):

Papir i hjertet:

Scrap Me (I think) - they had 10% off:


Lines Hobby had a really, really good deal on the Spellbinders!:

Happy Hobby:

Ett Trykk:

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ninabakke said...

åååå, så mye fin shopping! :D