Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer vacation...

It's been some weeks since I made anything now, since I have had a summer holiday. We spent almost 3 weeks in sunny Spain, which was absolutely perfect. My dear husband was able to take a bath (even though he wears prosthetic on his left leg) in the swimming pool. My son learnt to swim during these days - even though I would not leave him alone in the pool for a long time. Suddenly he got tired, and started struggling and going under the water and swallowing water/breathing for air. But he learned the basic technique of swimming.
This is a photo of "my" boys (the one to the right is my nephew 17 years of age) in the pool where we spent most of our time.

Today is a big day for us, since our son started SFO, which is a kind of day care before and after school. In one week he will start school, 1st grade! :) I start work tomorrow, but hopefully I will get time to be creative very soon. The weather is nice - so I will prefer to stay outside, but I heard that there will be rain/cloudy later this week. Wishing you all a nice day and week, thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I will have something nice to show you in some days... Pop by, and you will se! :-D


My Hyde Away said...

Høres helt herlig ut dette her :) God klem fra Kirsten

Karina Beck said...

Det lyder som en dejlig ferie!
Håber, at din søn har haft en god første SFO dag i dag!
Jeg er pædagog og her i Rødovre kommune er pædagogerne med i 0-2 klasse i 15 timer sammen med lærerne. Nogle af dagene er jeg kun i SFOen ; )
God aften.