Friday, November 14, 2008

{Stockholm get away!}

This weekend my husband and I spend our time in Stockholm (Sweden)! We have a sitter home for our son, she's living in our apartment in Oslo with our son. We thought that was easiest for both parties. So... this weekend we're really enjoying ourselfes, first time for 2 years all alone for a weekend!

When we came to the hotel, we went straight out and found a nice café and had an early dinner. After that we went to a pub and had a couple of beers. We've been at the hotelroom for an hour or so. Just relaxing. Tomorrow we will do some sightseeing and shopping. My husband acutally googled Stockholm and found a scrapbooking store not far away from the hotel. Think we will go there tomorrow.

So until Sunday - no kids! Yeyh! ;) But, of course I do miss him... but it's good also, to miss him.


ninabakke said...

Så koselig :D

Linda said...

høres så kjempe digg ut vennen! misunner deg ikke no særlig assa, hehe :)

at jeg slår deg i shopping, tja, sier vi er ganske likt jeg *ler*
er kun denna mnd jeg har shoppa så mye ;)

kos dere en masse på turen og nyt det :)
stor klem