Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunbathing and a swim in the sea!

Today we went together with a friend of mine and her almost 10 year old daughter to an island right in the Oslo-fjord. It's called Hovedøya (The Main Island).

We ate fresh spring rolls that my friend made and brought along, and chicken salad that I brought along. The food was good, but because of the heat, nobody was actually very hungry.

I have to say, the beaches in these islands sucks! There is no good sand, and when you bring along kids, you need good sand. So I think, next time we'll go to Bygdøy instead.

Ok, some photos from today:

I think the kids were very sweet, Peder took her hand, and they walked together. Peder liked her a lot. :)

The Oslo-fjord is beautiful on a sunny summer day:


cathrineangelica said...

herlige bilder:)

skal definitivt si ifra for neste konsert:)

ac/dc hadde jo vært en drøm å se;)
var du å så guns n roses i oslo da?

(axl og cover-band evt;))
var gravid da, så fikk stå forann gjerdet der, det var jo temmelig moro;)

ha en strålende søndag<:)

Vibeke said...

Herlig dag dere har hatt!!!:)
Flotte bilder!!!!:)