Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 new layouts!

I've made these tree pages these last days and for the first time I've made two "12x6" layouts! I think it's fun to make pages in differendt sizes.

The one to the left is called Focus, I think my son has a good expression on his face ;).
The nr 2 from the left is called "oops", and it's a funny story behind that picture. My son was playing in the kitchen when I was making dinner. Suddenly he had removed some kitchen utensils and had climbed into one of the drawers...
The third page is a with a picture from a traintrip made in April 2007. A clean and simple layout, but I kinda like it!

Hope you like 'em too. Hope you all had a nice weekend!


~Nancy~ said...

Love your new creations girlie!! Especially the pics of your little boy... love his expression.. hehehehe... Thanks for sharing! XOXO

Anne Bente said...

åhhh wawwww sååå skønne loer alle sammen, supert :)