Friday, December 25, 2009

{Happy Christmas!}

Here is my Christmas tree! Because we (still) live in an apartment, our living room does not have enough space for the tree, but we got some space in the corner, in between our sofas! I am very satisfied with the tree this year, nice green color, and with lots of branches :)

I hope you all enjoy your Christmas holiday. My holiday started yesterday and lasts until the 4th of January. Really looking forward to a lot of time with my son (my husband has to work 3 days next week though) and with family and friends. Yesterday we celebrated Christmas Eve (which is the tradition in Norway).

We have gotten a lot of snow, outside it's a lot of snow, and only -1 Celcius. I hope we can go outside to play in the snow later today!

Enjoy you holiday!

1 comment:

Vibeke said...

Jeg synes treet var nydelig jeg!!:)

Jeg håper du har noen flotte juledager sammen med familien din. Kos deg masse:) Håper du får tid til litt scrapping også:)