Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{Prima}donna class at Steffens!

April 28th I'm attending two classes at Steffens. The two lovely girls from Prima: Tracie Hudson and Jen Starr are having 4 different classes this day. Wow! Really looking forward to that. :)

This evening I was at a class at Steffens - the third class so far this Spring. Connie showed us how to make backgrounds with gesso, multi medium and some type om crayon (not that brand though) pencils. I liked the first two cards the most. I will post them tomorrow when there is sunlight to take photos in.
If you live in or nearby Oslo, be sure to attend the classes at Steffens! They are so fun! And I'm really looking forward to the Prima(donnas) later this April - and this is NOT a joke!

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