Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have changed the colors on my blog... I'm not sure if I'll keep 'em like this... Maybe I'll change it later...

Yes! Finally I've used some of the money my husband gave me. :)
I used about 750 norwegian kroner on a lot of pattern paper, stamps and stamps and some embellishment... All bought at
I've never shopped online from Bikuben, only been at their big and nice shop at Strømmen outside Oslo. I think it's one of the best shops ever! But when it comes to shopping online, I tend to visit or

Well, I'm really looking forward to get the stuff at the postoffice. Hope they ship it tomorrow, so maybe I'll get the stuff at Wednesday. Superb!

Yesterday I almost finished my new project. Hope to finish it tonight. And I almost finished my take on Scrappehuset challenge. Really looking forward to see the other layouts there.

Well, I'm supposed to do some work right now, better go and do something now...
I'll visit your blogs later today.

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