Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sjarm (Charm)

This page was finished this evening, after the dinner guests left.
I'm quite pleased with the layout. The pictures were taken early January 2008. Peder was playing around in the living room with his father taking pictures. He was smiling and giggling.

I've used: Creative Imaginations "Rough & Tough", Rhonna Farrer, tag, velvet flower from Prima, and some stuff (stickers) I've got from a swap. The alfa is from American Crafts thickers Vinyl. I liked the color.

Wish you all a great new week. I hope the rain will stop pouring here, today it's been rain, rain, rain outside.

Working on a new page :)

I'm working on a page, which I started on 2-3 days ago. I wasn't satisfied with it until last evening, when I found out what's wrong with it. It's almost finished now. I have a few things to do with it, before I'll publish it.
I hope during the day.

(I'm still working with the hand-in paper/exam)

Preparing for the hand-in

A couple of e-mails last night/evening and I think we have finished 80% of the hand-in. My other colleagues have been helping me out a lot! Good team-work. Today I'll be working a couple of hours with the exam, and tomorrow is the finishing date.

We'll be having some friends over to dinner today, and I'm making home-made pizza. ;)

Hope you all enjoys your weekend!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Today and yesterday I have been reading and writing on my exam. It's due in Monday. I'm handing in my exam with to other persons. I think they are using this weekend reading and writing as well. So I have not been doing anything on any pages these to last days. Hope I'll get the chance to do something tonight after my son is in bed for the night. Right now he's taking a nap (and so is my husbond). Hope to update this blog later this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend, everybody! Thanks for reading, and visiting my blog. :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Strand (beach)

This page is from the same vacation (Vietnam), and from a beach just 2-3 hours away (north) from Nha Trang. There were almost nobody at the beach, and Peder was in total harmony playing with an empty coconut-shell. I really enjoy the picture and the page. One thing I'm not that pleased with is that the title is a bit too close to the picture. But unfortunately I can't change it now!

Thanks for looking! :)

LEK (Play)

This page was made for my sons album. He was out playing in the park, and the pictures was of him before he learned to walk. He was so proud of himself when he was standing all by himself!! What a big grin! :)
The title says Play in Norwegian.
Thanks for looking! :)

(no title)

This page was made with a picture taken in Vietnam. Peder was sitting on the stairs. We were on a really deserted island, with only us, a couple of Vietnamese friends and the people living on the island. The brought us seafood fresh from the ocean.
I've used some paper I can't recall the name of, dymo, Heidi Swapp ghost frame, HS ghost heart, bling.
Thanks for looking!
This page was made a few days ago. The title is a play with words. The picture was taken in Nice, France. My lovely ;) son enjoyed sitting on these pavement-rocks which prevents cars driving onto the pavement. So that's the "funny" title.
For this page I've used: Creative imaginations Printed China, Chatterbox Olive Gazebo Flower, Making Memories velvet sayings, Heidi Swapp ghost alfa shapes, Cosmo Cricket Daisis chipboard alfas, MM rubons alfa, and Jenni Bowlin printed cardstock, brad and staples. Thanks for looking :).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Foreldre (parents)

The layout says parents in Norwegian (foreldre). It's for my sons album - a picture of his mom and dad, together. The picture is taken at my husbands hometown summer of 2003.
This picture was taken in 2003, and we were very much in love. I was visiting my boyfriends (now husband) hometown in the west coast.
The K stands for the first letter i the Norwegian word for love (kjærlighet).
I'm quite pleased with this layout, both the picture and the layout itself.
This layout is made in March. The picture was taken last autumn (2007). My son was playing with the drawers in the kitchen, and I was making dinner. Suddenly he was inside the drawer looking up. Kind of confused! It was a nice picture, and I'm happy I did take the picture. It's a funny picture, and I enjoyed making the layout!
This picture is from my wedding in Spain. I don't really like to make layouts of weddings, it's too difficult ;).
This is really simple and "clean". I've used an embossed paper.
And yes, I'm pregnant!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's late in the evening/night in Oslo. I have to go to bed. This is fun. Will be back later in Easter to do some more! Have a nice Easter.
This picture is from the same holiday, as the last LO published. My husbond was joking and playing a lot with my nephew. And the picture is typical them. Always fooling around! I really like the picture. Not totally satisfied with the LO itself.
This LO was made in march 2008. I was looking trough some pictures on my desk, and I found an "old" photo from 2006 of my nephew. He's standing with his back towards me, looking to the hilltop. We were some people driving to a village in the mountains of southern Spain summer of 2006. He was and is a large Barcelona football-fan. I love my nephew! I'm quite pleased with this LO.